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Instead of calling or texting suppliers, browse products from all of your suppliers in one simple app on your phone, with access to over 1000 suppliers in your pocket.
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Over 1000 suppliers are on Upstock • Order from all your existing wholesale suppliers • Discover exceptional new brands and their specialty products
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A proven tool to automate & grow your wholesale business

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See why top Food Trucks across Australia & New Zealand use Upstock to run their wholesale business

See why top Food Trucks across Australia & New Zealand love using Upstock

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Features of Upstock that Food Trucks love

Digital Ordering

Order from multiple suppliers at once

Fill your cart with everything you need, from as many suppliers as you need. Upstock automatically dispatches orders to each supplier for you.
Just place one order across multiple suppliers
Easily see if you're under the minimum for a supplier
Upstock will automatically send the order to each supplier for you
Discover Suppliers

Discover amazing new suppliers and products

With Upstock you have over 1,000 suppliers in your pocket – easily connect and start ordering with anyone
Browse or search the directory
Find suppliers by category or region
Connect and start ordering
Try Free Samples

Try before you buy with free samples

Many suppliers on Upstock offer free samples of their products to new customers
Choose which free samples you want
Suppliers will approve or deny based on fit
Try and give feedback to suppliers about the product

Trusted by the best

A wide range of top Food Trucks use Upstock to automate & grow their wholesale business

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Case studies

Learn from various Food Trucks how they've transformed their business with Upstock

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More features that Food Trucks love

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Favourites lists ensure staff always order the correct products
Pay by Card
Stop wasting time dealing with invoices – pay up front and earn credit card points
Traceability & Accountability
No more 3am panic attacks wondering if everything got ordered – just open Upstock to see who ordered what

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Integrates with your systems

Upstock integrates with the major accounting & inventory systems – meaning customer orders flow directly into your existing workflow.
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