Customer onboarding
Wholesale buyers come to you on Upstock, simply review and approve their account, then they can order instantly
Increase sales
Upstock is like having an extra sales team – putting your brand & products in front of buyers and taking orders around the clock
Automatic Invoicing
Simply click 'Approve' on any order – Upstock automatically creates the invoice in your accounting system
Supermarket Integrations
Receive supermarket orders from Woolworths and Foodstuffs without lifting a finger
Minimum Order Values
Prevent customers from ordering below your minimum order size – eliminates high-cost, low-value orders
Featured Products
Pin featured products to the top of your product catalogue to boost sales
Customer relationships
Messages are linked to every order – everyone instantly knows who did what & when, for easy communications & better trading relationships
Eliminate mistakes
Instead of garbled voicemails or emails lost in spam, with Upstock buyers place orders from your digital catalogue
Get your brand & products in front of thousands of foodservice & grocery buyers 24/7
Production Report
Get a tally of all products that were ordered, at a click of a button – ideal for made-to-order and pick & pack workflows
Free Sample Store
Free samples are the best way to reach and win new wholesale customers – attract new stockists and generate a steady flow of inbound leads
Packing Lists
Every step of the process is designed to be so simple & smart that anybody on your team can easily do it. Plus, it's easy for managers to login and see everything is running smoothly.
Easily post updates and promotions – increase orders with existing customers & attract new stockists
Consolidated Invoices
Easily create a single invoice from multiple separate orders for streamlined financial management
Price Lists
Create flexible online catalogues, tailored to each of your customers – with custom pricing, discounts and a unique set of products
Digital Catalogue
Buyers order directly from your up-to-date digital catalogue – the fastest, easiest, most accurate way to order
Standing Orders
Automatically generate & process repeating orders – save time and get more predictable sales
Low cost, high value
Automate wholesale operations, cut costs, boost sales – all for less than $1 per order