Supermarket sales & logistics made easy

Doing business with supermarkets requires serious levelling up. Learn how food & beverage suppliers do it the easy way.

Remove complexity & costs when supplying to supermarkets

Getting ranged in supermarkets like Woolworths and Foodstuffs is a major goal for most suppliers. When supermarkets start ordering, you need to handle those high volume orders without dropping the ball.

Most suppliers don’t have the systems to handle those levels of orders, so the supermarkets have no choice but to drop them.

Upstock is a low cost solution that puts you in the best position to easily sell into supermarkets with confidence, automating manual tasks so you can focus on growing your business.

Food and beverage brands of any size can now easily and affordably sell to the major supermarkets through Upstock. This levels the playing field when competing against major multinational brands with mega-million dollar ERP systems and the teams to run them.
Filling a shopping basket at the supermarket

All your wholesale orders in one place

Upstock handles all your hospitality, foodservice and grocery orders in one place. It automates orders, payments and logistics resulting in major time and cost savings.

Being in the Upstock marketplace puts your brand and products in front of thousands of foodservice buyers, increasing sales and stockists.
A purchase order from the supermarkets automatically imported into Upstock

See why suppliers say it's a game changer

Upstock processes thousands of supermarket orders every single day for top suppliers

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How it works

Upstock connects directly to each of the supermarket procurement systems, so all your supermarket purchase orders are automatically loaded in Upstock.
Orders automatically appear in Upstock
Auto generate compliant invoices & packing slips
Price variances are detected automatically
Order statuses are updated automatically

Unbeatable pricing

No other solution can give you the same level of automation and simplicity at such a low cost
 / month
Plus standard order fees
Foodstuffs NZ
 / month
Plus standard order fees
The alternative is to hire a software consulting firm to build a bespoke integration into the supermarket.

The costs for bespoke solutions are $10,000 to implement, plus $1,000 per month to maintain. Multiply that cost for each supermarket you supply.

Integrates with your systems

Upstock integrates with the major accounting & inventory systems so customer orders flow directly into your existing workflow
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