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Still ordering like it's 1999?

Supplier info scrawled on the wall. Late-night voicemails. Emails lost in spam. Garbled texts. Orders scribbled in a notebook. Sound familiar?

That's a very expensive waste of time – and leads to expensive mistakes every day. Join thousands of businesses that use Upstock to save them time & money.

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Save favourites.

Shopping lists save time and prevent mistakes.

Save your favourites into shopping lists, to make it fast and easy to re-order.

You can also limit staff to only order from favourites – so they can't make mistakes.

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Manage multiple outlets.

Control everything from your phone or laptop.

Access and switch between every outlet, with one click. Manage users and control your entire team's purchases.

You can even do stock transfers between outlets.

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"I love that, throughout the day, I can easily see what our staff have ordered across all our venues. This way it's so easy for our staff to do the daily ordering – so managers aren't wasting their time restocking, chasing down suppliers and checking on deliveries."

Peter Lowry, Operations Manager, Chow Group
Peter Lowry
Operations Manager, Chow Group

"Getting on Upstock has been absolutely life changing. I can finally keep track of everything that’s been ordered and received. Now I can hand over the order management to my team, and spend my time growing the business."

Larni Wedd, Owner, Bellatino's Deli & Market
Larni Wedd
Owner, Bellatino's Deli & Market
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Order from any supplier

Order from any of your suppliers, even if they aren't on Upstock yet

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Order tracking

See your order status at a glance, including courier tracking

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Control who orders what

Create shopping lists to make sure staff only order what you've approved

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In-app messaging

Send & receive messages with any order, so everyone can see what was discussed

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Works on all devices

Securely available anytime, anywhere and it’s always backed up

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Complete order history

See all the details of every order you’ve ever made on Upstock

Restaurants using Upstock


Restaurants need to be sure their supplies arrive exactly as ordered, exactly when needed – which is why great restaurants like WBC, Chow, Crab Shack, Shed 5, Pravda, Thistle Inn, Hideout depend on Upstock. Order with confidence at all hours, no more going to voice mail or waiting on hold.

Cafes using Upstock


Whether you're running a single cafe or multiple outlets, you know that if you're short on supplies and the rush is on, it causes pandemonium. That's why Mojo Coffee depends on Upstock to manage all their wholesale ordering in 35 outlets, along with cafes up and down the country like Squirrel, Planet Espresso, Coffee Culture, Seashore Cabaret.

Bars & Nightclubs using Upstock for wholesale alcohol ordering

Bars & Nightclubs

Keeping a well stocked bar is vital – not just any bottle of booze will do. It's essential to make sure your staff order exactly the right brands in exactly the right amounts or it's going to be a bad night. That's why bars & nightclubs like The Library, Boneface Brewing, Giant Public House, Lovebite all depend on Upstock.

Grocery markets and dairies using Upstock for wholesale alcohol ordering

Grocery Markets & Dairies

Local grocery markets and dairies don't have a lot of storage space, but they need to make sure their shelves are constantly stocked – that's why Upstock is so popular with markets like Bellatino's, The Island Grocer, Forage Merchants, On Trays along with national chains like SuperValue, Four Square and Fresh Choice.

Gift boxes are super popular and Upstock makes it super easy to order from all your suppliers

Gift Box sellers

Gift Boxes have never been so popular thanks to the amazing range of products you can ship these days. That's why We Love Local, Giftbox Boutique, Willow & Wolfe, Little Koha, and dozens of others depend on Upstock for keeping their boxes well stocked.

Corporate offices using Upstock for wholesale food & beverage ordering


In a bustling office, like PikPok, Ministry of the Environment, Data Torque, it's a lot of work to keep a well stocked pantry and fridge. It's a lot simpler when you can keep track of everything from all your suppliers in one simple app.

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Top cafes, restaurants and grocers love using Upstock

Over 5,000 venues get orders through Upstock • Order from the largest, fastest growing selection of suppliers & products

Mojo Cafe Using Upstock Ordering App
"Ever since we've been using Upstock we can't live without it! It's made things run so much smoother and faster for all our cafes."
Chow Restauraunt using Upstock ordering app
"Upstock has made ordering quicker and easier so we’d never go back to emailing orders."
WBC Restaurant Using Upstock Ordering App
"I can easily order from multiple suppliers at once without re-typing each time, it's a great time saver."
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Frequently asked questions

Do my suppliers have to use Upstock?

No, they don't have to use Upstock – you can order from any and all your current suppliers. For suppliers not using Upstock, we send them your order in a structured email, including their exact product codes.

I have more than one store – can I use the same login to order for all my stores?

Yes, and this will simplify things a lot for you. Login once to do all your orders for all your stores, simply switch stores with a tap.

How is this free?!

We offer paid upgrades for premium functionality like reporting and multi-site management, for a low monthly fee.