Order magic ✨

It all started with Matt Watson, who owns Foxton Fizz.

One day he got tired of receiving orders in garbled texts, phone calls at all hours and emails lost in spam.

Matt started Upstock as a side project – an app to make managing his hospitality wholesale orders easier.

Before too long, his customers wanted to use it too: Chow, Library, WBC, among numerous others.

Then Mojo started using it to manage all their orders, in all their cafes.

Things were getting serious. So Matt contacted his friend Philip (who co-founded Xero) to help out.

Philip discovered it was a fun problem to solve, getting to work with awesome people who ran his favourite cafes, bars and restaurants. Plus, it was a great business opportunity.

Philip contacted his friend Duncan (former CPO at Xero) and together they invested in Upstock and became Co-CEOs.

Then the business and the team started growing...

Meet the team 👋

Matt Watson Founder

Matt wears many hats, and still continues to run Foxton Fizz.

Philip Fierlinger Co-CEO

Philip co-founded and designed Xero. He has over 25 years in tech.

Duncan Ritchie Co-CEO

Duncan was CPO at Xero. He has over 20 years in tech. He's also a serious home brewer.

Brett Wilson CTO

Brett was an engineering manager and lead architect at Xero.

Fay McInteer Developer

Fay was a developer at numerous companies, including Xero.

Caleb Allott Designer

Caleb was a designer at numerous companies, including Xero.

Matthew Searle Customer Success

Matt worked at Mobi2Go and Vend. He was once a brewery assistant.

Emory Fierlinger Designer

Emory was a designer at Atomic and Octave.

Emanuel Rabina Developer

Manny was a developer at numerous companies, including Xero.

Adrian Lopez Developer

Adrian was a developer at numerous companies, including Xero.

Janella Espinas Developer

Janella was a principal engineer and team lead at Xero.

Shelby Banas Marketing

Shelby is a Digital marketer with extensive experience in account management and client services.

Linda HolmanTester

Linda has been in tech for over 20 years and has also worked as a waitress and barmaid.

Jonny CalderSales

Jonny was at Coffee Supreme for 10 years in sales, account management and development roles.

Join the team

We're focused on having fun, building well crafted software, growing a business we love for customers we adore.

The more time we spend with customers, the more we get to enjoy their delicacies!

We're filling a critical gap in the hospitality industry – capturing key business data that's currently managed with random scraps of paper, texts, emails and phone calls.

We aim to reduce waste across the food & beverage supply chain, making it more efficient and economical for high quality, environmentally sustainable products to reach a wider market.

We're a lean and agile team in the traditional sense – small and nimble. Our product is the simplest software for the greatest value. We don't try to do everything. We aim to do as little as possible to make something extraordinary. We focus on what will have the biggest impact for the most people.

If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, we'd love to connect.