Process Woolworths orders automatically with Upstock

Connecting with Woolworths in NZ or AU allows you to easily pull in purchase orders and generate packing slips

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Process Woolworths orders with a single click

With Upstock, Woolworths and Countdown orders automatically flow into your ordering, inventory & accounting systems. It couldn’t be simpler.
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Zero set up fees

Simple, highly affordable pricing. Custom integrations require massive upfront and ongoing costs.

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Automatic invoicing

Your invoices to Woolworths are automatically created and emailed after you’ve approved them.

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Compliant packing slips

Automatically generate 100% Woolworths compliant packing slips.

A proven tool to build, grow or expand your business.

Tens of thousands of venues are connected to Upstock • Join the largest, fastest growing marketplace

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How it works

How to connect with Xero

Connecting your Upstock account with Xero is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes
Step 1

Connect your account to Xero

In your Upstock settings, click the Integrations menu. Then click the “Connect to Xero” button, then login to your Xero account.
Step 2

Sync your products to Upstock

Click the Products menu, then click the “Import Xero products” button.
Step 3

We’ll import your contacts

Your contacts will also be imported from Xero. Contacts in Xero can be a bit messy – so we'll fix all your contacts for you, then notify you when they're all ready.
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Upstock is a game changer

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Sales & customers typically
increase 5–20%
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Daily processing typically drops from
2–3 Hours to 15 minutes
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Daily errors typically drop from
5–15% to nearly 0%
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