Six Barrel Soda Co.

We hand-make natural syrups and sodas right here in Wellington, in small batches with natural ingredients, fresh fruit and spices, organic fair trade sugar, and filtered water.

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About us

Six Barrel Soda Co. will make your drinks list pop. Our creative soda syrups are perfect for restaurant, café or bar use. You can use them with a soda tap or a water carbonator to make low cost, low waste, high quality sodas and mixed drinks.

Our bottled soda range is perfect for cafes, bars or restaurants looking for really good drinks ready to roll. They come in 330mL bottles, with 15 of each flavour per carton.

We support our suppliers with staff training, customised drinks lists, custom syrup flavours, signage, social media promotion, fridges and soda taps, and other awesomeness (let us know what you need!).

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“We chose Six Barrel Soda ’cause we didn’t agree with the other options out there, & because it tastes amazing, comes in glass bottles & is made locally! The classic sodas are perfectly balanced and most importantly not too sweet to ruin a cocktail, and all hold up deliciously on their own as non-alc options.”
Mesita Wine Bar
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