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REDEEM is packed full of gut-loving probiotic kefir, natural ingredients and fermented for natural fizz. It’s organic certified, vegan, gluten-free, and has less than 1.5% sugar.

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About us

This is a drink that tastes great and does good. For your body. For the world. Giving back to the planet. Rescuing you from sugar, plastic and toxins. Loving your gut and keeping you healthy. This is refreshment without compromise. And it’s called REDEEM.

As part of our mission to redeem the world, every bottle of REDEEM purchased plants native trees throughout NZ. More native trees means greater biodiversity, cleaner waterways and they help reduce the affects of climate change for future generations. It’s one of the ways we’re working towards becoming a carbon negative business that gives back to our planet.

We use 100% glass and cardboard, paper (not plastic) labels and our certified organic status means every ingredient comes from a sustainable source. We even drive electric cars.

So, you can feel as good about buying our soda as we do about selling it.

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