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Kombucha City

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About us

Kombucha City is an artisan Kombucha brewery, based in Torbay, Auckland, producing hand crafted beverages. We are proud to be a Kiwi owned and operated company.

Kc Kombucha is changing the way customers buy and enjoy Kombucha in New Zealand.

Developed with the hospitality industry top of mind, Kc Kombucha has proven it's worth as a great tasting non-alcoholic beverage when socialising. Branded to look elegant, high end and premium quality, Kc Kombucha is a drink that is not only health and good for you, but also helps customers feel part of the scene, and is safe to drink and drive. popular with a wide range of customers, Kc Kombucha is being asked for by name in many hospitality venues.

Kombucha City is a supplier to the hospitality industry, wholesale and retail clients. An alternative to high sugar soft drinks, Kc Kombucha can also be used as a mixer, and makes a great cocktail, if you are looking for something a little bit special.

What makes Kc Kombucha different?

  • Great taste and high quality
  • Hand crafted brewing process
  • Minimal sediment, a better drinking experience
  • Not made from concentrate
  • Free of preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial sweetener and stevia
  • Environmental commitment
  • Premium branding to fit in any social situation
  • Proudly made in New Zealand

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