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GrunTea Emporium

We make delicious and healthy Turmeric Chai Teas. 100% Organic, 110% Delicious! They make the best Turmeric Chai Lattes around! We sell to Cafes, Health Spas, Hot Drink Vans, Retail Shops and Grocery Outlets.

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About us

Our Nettle GrunTea is a best seller in Cafes as a latte!

GrunTea is a healthy twist on traditional chai – something spiffy and new. A 100% organic chai tea, loaded with turmeric, which is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory qualities.

Another twist is that we have removed the black tea, replacing it with either green tea or nettle leaf. This reduces the caffeine content or makes it totally caffeine free respectively – without compromising flavour! These innovations, combined with all the healthful qualities of the other spices, and not forgetting its divine flavour, means GrunTea really could become your New Hot Friend and your wingman for wellness!

100% Australian owned business, and 100% Australian made. Our signature products are our two varieties of “GrunTea – tea with grunt!” which we handcraft with Love, in Tropical North Queensland.

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