Introducing Upstock: a new app designed for hospitality

Upstock wholesale ordering app – designed by the team who created Xero

We built Upstock to make running a hospitality business easier and more sustainable. That’s happening and our customers are getting amazing results. 

A year ago we started designing and building a new app for wholesale ordering, it's called Upstock. We put into action key principles of design and engineering – simplicity, smarts and speed – that we honed at Xero and have now taken to a whole new level in this new product.

Today top restaurants, bars, cafes and their suppliers all over New Zealand depend on our software – customers like Mojo, Six Barrel Soda Co, Best Ugly Bagels, Chow, Pomeroy’s Coffee, Aroha Drinks, Fidel’s, WBC, Squirrel, among so many more. 

As Milly Brunel, manager of Squirrel Cafe in Wellington, explains “In every possible way, Upstock has made my life easier. Instead of sending out 20 emails a day, I use the app to place just one order and I know everything will show up exactly how we ordered it.“

You can’t beat the price: the app is available free for hospitality retailers. 

Anyone can use Upstock to place all their orders – with any and all of their suppliers – totally free of charge. 

For big national operations with multiple outlets, like Mojo Coffee, it’s been transformational. Katy Ellis, General Manager of Mojo, says they can’t live without it, “Upstock has made things run smoother and faster in our cafes and our HQ operation. It’s given us control and visibility over what stock is being ordered across our entire operation, and we spend a tiny fraction of the time we used to managing orders. It’s been a game-changer for us.” 

Streamlining operations is the name of the game for suppliers, large and small. 

Mojo is both a retailer and a supplier – they supply coffee beans and baked goods to all 35 of their outlets – so with Upstock they get full control of their entire end-to-end supply chain operations. 

For small but growing suppliers, Upstock provides a crucial edge. As Joe Slater, co-founder of Six Barrel Soda, explains, “Upstock has helped us streamline our customer on-boarding and ordering process massively, as well as making our order entry and dispatch much simpler. We’ve thrown out the ring binder full of scribbled orders and moved into the future!”

To get the app out to as many hospitality operators as possible, Upstock completed a major capital raise in the middle of the first covid lockdown. More news on that soon.

In the meantime, we’d be grateful if you could help us get the word out. Tell your favourite cafes, restaurants and bars to check out

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