It’s super stressful and you’re scrambling to help your team and your operation cope. Our team is available and ready to help. Here are a few ideas and resources to help you get through it.

Like you, we’re hoping this lockdown is short and sharp. It’s best to go hard and get back to normal ASAP. Our team is available and ready to help in any way, just reach out.

In the meantime, being stuck at home provides a rare opportunity to get your systems in order. Last year, we collected advice from a range of industry experts, have a read – it’s extremely useful right now.

Here are a few more ideas for making the most of this time.

Understand your cost structures

Read these great articles from Stuart Robertson, a veteran hospo consultant, who provides smart advice and insights for running a profitable hospo operation. Some of the fundamentals include knowing your cost structures, which starts by knowing the exact food cost of every item on your menu; and ensuring that you’re able to sell each item for at least four times that food cost.

Another industry expert Sophie Gilmour offered great advice last year for hospo, that is more relevant than ever. 

Reduce waste while increasing revenue

Now is a great time to add your venue to Foodprint a great solution for reducing waste and increasing revenue. The app sends out a notification across your region telling people you have a special deal on food that will otherwise go to waste. This not only helps you reduce waste, it also increases your business – it attracts new customers and when customers come in for the special offer they tend to also buy drinks and other items, increasing your revenue. 

Some other suppliers and products to check out who can help you reduce waste, while saving money include Reusabowl and Compostaway. Check these out and all the other packaging suppliers who offer great solutions for your business, and with products and services that can be useful ways to set yourself apart to attract new customers.

Prepare for getting back to business – gradually

It’s most likely that we’ll gradually ease down from level to level, not just suddenly drop back to level 1. That means online ordering and contactless delivery at level 3 and social distancing and contactless ordering in venues at level 2.

Mobi2Go is a great way of making online ordering available at level 3 and contactless ordering at level 2.

Take advantage of hospo tech

Hospo tech hasn’t just given our industry a fighting chance to survive Covid, it’s caused a major shift in the way hospo businesses operate, that’s transforming the industry in ways that will permanently change the way hospo works. 

We believe Upstock is an important tool for controlling costs, simplifying your operation and increasing your margins. 

Be kind

Everyone is stressed right now. Be kind to yourself. To your team. To your customers. To your peers and your community. 

We will get through this. The sooner, the better. Let’s all help each other get through it.

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