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A proven tool to build, grow or expand your business.

Upstock has a built-in free sample store which is a proven winner for connecting wholesale suppliers with thousands of hospitality and grocery buyers craving fresh new menu ideas and offerings.

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How it works

Listing in the Upstock Sample Store is an add-on feature available to Marketplace and Logistics Plan customers.
Step 1

Choose your product

Suppliers have the option to add one product to the store. This is either a single item, or a multi pack which is a great option if you have different flavours or products to promote.
Join the sample store
Step 2

A new customer orders

When an order for your sample product is placed, you will receive an order from the Free Samples account on Upstock. The customer details will be in the comments.
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Step 3

Qualify the order – then ship!

We'll send you the details about the customer, including their phone number and business details. You are able to accept or decline the order on this basis – so it might be a good idea to give them a ring to find out more about them.
Tips on converting customers

Setup is easy

Connecting your Upstock account with Unleashed is simple. Connecting takes seconds.
Step 1

Connect to Unleashed

Once you have an Upstock account,  click the Integrations tab. Then click the orange “Connect” button and paste your Unleashed API key.
Step 2

Sync your products to Upstock

Click the ‘Products’ tab in Upstock, then press the blue “Import Unleashed products” button & choose the products you’d like to import.
Step 3

Set up price lists

Control which prices & products customers see with Upstock’s Price Lists feature.
Step 4

We’ll import your contacts

We’ll start the process of importing your Unleashed contacts into Upstock. This usually only takes 1 business day depending on the size of your list.
Step 5

All done!

You’re ready to start recieving orders from your customers directly in Upstock. Let your current customers know you’re ready to go!
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