Work at Upstock

Product Manager (Remote)

About Upstock

Upstock is a B2B wholesale ordering platform used by top buyers & suppliers in hospitality, foodservice and grocery.

We’re on a trajectory to be one of the world’s top B2B marketplace and ecommerce platforms. We’re a high growth startup founded by the creators of Xero. 

Upstock simplifies logistics, improves trading relationships, reduces costs and grows margins.

We work with the best food and drink brands, the hottest eateries, bars and grocery markets, in the best locations.

We’re looking for

  • A Product Manager with a minimum 3-5 years experience at a SaaS startup having scaled a product from early stages to growth stages, while leading a product team 
  • Experience tracking towards SaaS performance metrics and targets, experience working with Heap, Retool or similar analytics tools
  • Design and user experience champion – experience working on a design led product, experience working with strong designers, experience working in Figma or similar
  • Technical fluency – understanding the tech stack, coordinating technical team roles and skills, experience working in Jira or similar

How you’ll make an impact

  • You’ll make sure the right things are being done at the right time, in the right sequence, executed in the right way, that result in the right outcomes for customers and the business
  • You'll accelerate our ability to deliver high value customer functionality, which results in a simple user experience, and aligns with our overall business objectives
  • You'll work with the leadership team to define objectives – balancing short term goals with long term vision
  • You'll conduct customer research qualifying and quantifying customer needs, understanding  points of friction in their workflow inside and outside of Upstock, identifying gaps & opportunities
  • You'll prioritise proposed solutions based on feasibility, complexity, dependencies, and resources required – coordinating and scheduling projects and teams to optimize the delivery of high value product enhancements
  • You'll track product analytics so we know what’s being used, what’s not being used, and how this impacts our strategy and priorities
  • You'll track project decisions, progress towards completion, progress towards objectives, and keep the wider team informed of the project status and timelines
  • You'll anticipate and flag roadblocks, delays, complications, dependencies – planning for hot fixes, quick enhancements and longer term enhancements
  • You'll take a holistic approach – creating and maintaining alignment between customer needs, business performance, overall platform cohesion

Benefits of working with Upstock

  • Work with a remarkable team. Upstock was founded by the creators of Xero. We built one of the most successful startups in the world, and we want your help to build the next one. We're focused on having fun, building well crafted software, growing a business we love for customers we adore.
  • We have strong backing. We’re well funded with backing from multiple VC firms and tech investors from NZ, AU, UK and the US – including the founders of major startup successes including Xero, Vend, Sharesies, Karbon, Campaign Monitor, Pepperstone, among numerous others.
  • Our success is your success. Along with a competitive salary, top gear, travel and dining expenses, wellness support, and various other perks, you’ll participate in our share option programme so you gain from any economic upside we achieve together. 
  • The best is yet to come. We’re a small, early stage team, so you have a lot of influence over shaping our business and our culture. We plan to stay small and grow sensibly, to maintain balance and agility.
  • Our customers are a dream. The best food and drink you can imagine – and we're providing a platform to enable more amazing products to be produced and distributed so the world can enjoy them, while reducing so much waste and inefficiency.


If you're interested, we'd love to connect. Please email us, introducing yourself, including your CV (as a PDF or a link).

How we operate 

We are a highly collaborative, highly transparent, highly motivated team. 

We’re focused on delivering the best customer experience – everything else will follow. 

We operate as a remote business, with staff located in different cities and countries. We hold all meetings by video. We have regular in-person team events throughout the year. We offer access to coworking offices for people who prefer a dedicated work space. 

We work iteratively, breaking big projects into small deliverables. We track the impact of our work to continuously learn, adapt and improve. We measure results against weekly, monthly and annual targets so we know how we’re performing and what needs to improve. We encourage creativity and experimentation. We test before we invest. 

Our guiding principles

Seek joy and purpose. That is the true definition of success. Enjoy the journey, follow your instincts and dreams. Your ultimate job is to make your job the best, most inspiring, rewarding, enjoyable job of your life. When that happens, our entire customer experience is infused with joy and purpose.

Redefine success. There is no “right” answer to any problem. There are infinite ways to succeed – be curious, creative and resourceful. We seek diverse people and ideas that expand and challenge our thinking, to inspire new ways of doing things. We share our insights to show each other what’s possible.

Use magic. Ultimately customers want one magic button that does everything for them, with just one tap. Our job is to make technology invisible so the only thing left is an experience so simple and obvious it seems magical.

Create value, to earn value. Financial growth is essential for success and can be achieved on a very large scale, but to achieve that we will never violate our basic principles of dignity, respect, integrity, decency, fairness and kindness. Money is the reward for creating value in people’s lives, it should never come from exploiting people.

Simply extraordinary. Our platform enables customers to simplify their lives and grow their businesses. It also enables waste minimisation, sustainable production and transport reduction – at scale. We use minimal resources to create extraordinary results.

We look after each other. We're all humans with emotional needs, idiosyncrasies and imperfections. Be kind to everyone, including yourself. Pace yourself, it's a long road with lots of twists and turns. We assist you with mentors, coaches and counselling.

Apply now

Please email us, introducing yourself, including your CV (as a PDF or a link).