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Customer Success Specialist

About Upstock

We're a well-funded, high-growth startup, run by key people who designed and built Xero. Upstock is a wholesale ordering app for hospitality. Upstock makes it super fast, easy and accurate for buyers to order from all their wholesale suppliers, with just a few taps.

Upstock slashes costs, reduces waste and increases margins – generating a valuable boost to an essential industry. We’ve got many of NZ’s best food & beverage brands, restaurants, bars and cafes on the platform. 

Read more about who we are and our guiding principles 

Customer Success Specialist 

  • Your job is to recruit, onboard and support users, ensuring they turn into happy customers
  • You help customers get the most out of using Upstock, ensuring they use Upstock for all their relevant wholesale orders
  • You’re a customer advocate within Upstock, identifying product, sales and marketing insights & opportunities


We are a remote business, so we’re flexible about location, but you should be driving distance to either Auckland or Wellington, to be able to meet customers on site. 

Key responsibilities 

  • Work with sales and marketing to recruit and onboard new customers
  • Identify and prioritise the highest value customers
  • Work closely with leads and customers to help them implement and utilise Upstock as effectively as possible, which includes...
  1. Qualifying each lead 
  2. Doing product demos
  3. Loading their data
  4. Guiding them through using the app for the first time
  5. Monitoring their progress and follow up to make sure they’re active and happy
  6. Recruiting and onboarding their trading partners to get both sides working together in Upstock 
  • Provide customer support to help customers resolve any technical or usability issues, feeding those insights into the product team
  • Several hours per day will be spent in the field working on premise with existing customers and/or recruiting new hospo customers
  • Collaborate closely with the product team to share insights about customer workflows; customer needs; product gaps, inefficiencies and opportunities
  • Collaborate with sales to manage the customer relationship; monitor customer health; identify prospects from the customer’s trading partners 
  • Collaborate with marketing to understand customer segments, pain points, benefits and terminology; automate messaging and tasks; help get customer testimonials and case studies 
  • Ensure robust, well documented processes exist, are continually improved, and where practical are automated

Skills and experience required 

  • Experience working in a SaaS tech business, in a customer facing role
  • Excellent people and communication skills – a large portion of your time is meeting, calling and messaging customers; explaining the benefits of the app to customers; diagnosing and resolving any issues – some are technical issues/bugs, some are business processes; collaborating with sales and marketing to coordinate handoffs
  • Extremely well organised, methodical, strong attention to detail
  • Excellent time and priority management skills
  • Self motivated and you actively seek opportunities to improve processes 
  • Capable of wearing many hats and juggling tasks
  • Experienced and happy working remotely
  • Experienced with Intercom and Hubspot (or similar)
  • Experienced setting up software systems and connecting apps together using an API
  • Experienced at coaching customers through a software setup process, in person and remotely
  • Experience with accounting and/or inventory systems would be ideal
  • Capable of analysing and cleaning up data using various tools including spreadsheets
  • Experience and relationships in hospitality would be ideal
  • Enthusiasm for helping people do things in better ways, that make their business run easier and smarter
  • Strong analytical thinking for extracting insights and helping steer product improvements 
  • Strong analytical thinking for extracting insights to help Upstock improve sales and messaging 

Key metrics of success

  • Response times for: signups, customer queries, loading data
  • Number of new customers contacted and onboarded 
  • Ultimately the growth rate of total orders placed in Upstock is your top metric – everything you do should result in active usage, measured in order volumes 

Compensation and benefits 

  • Competitive salary
  • Stock options
  • Flexible work schedule
  • We offer an allowance for your tech equipment and home office
  • Reimbursed meals when dining at a customer’s venue as part of customer visits


  • We're focused on having fun, building well crafted software, growing a business we love for customers we adore
  • Read all about who we are and our guiding principles 
  • We’re a small, early stage team, so you have a lot of influence over shaping our culture 
  • We plan to stay small and grow sensibly, to maintain balance and agility

How to apply

If you're interested, we'd love to connect. Please email us, introducing yourself, including your CV (as a PDF or a link).