Sync invoices to Xero automatically

As a supplier on Upstock, connecting with Xero allows for effortless invoicing on all of your wholesale orders.

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Streamline wholesale orders

For suppliers, connecting with Xero makes it easy to import your products and start selling on Upstock faster
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Instantly update products

Add, change or remove products in Upstock, and your updates flow into Xero

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Automatic invoices

Upstock creates invoices in Xero for each and every order, automatically

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Add new customers

New customers who order in Upstock are automatically added to Xero

How it works

How to connect with Xero

Connecting your Upstock account with Xero is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes
Step 1

Connect your account to Xero

In your Upstock settings, click the Integrations menu. Then click the “Connect to Xero” button, then login to your Xero account.
Step 2

Sync your products to Upstock

Click the Products menu, then click the “Import Xero products” button.
Step 3

We’ll import your contacts

Your contacts will also be imported from Xero. Contacts in Xero can be a bit messy – so we'll fix all your contacts for you, then notify you when they're all ready.
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Upstock is a game changer

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Sales & customers typically
increase 5–20%
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Daily processing typically drops from
2–3 Hours to 15 minutes
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Daily errors typically drop from
5–15% to nearly 0%

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Screenshot of Upstock Wholesale Ordering Software being used

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