Process Foodstuffs orders automatically with Upstock

Upstock puts you in the best position to easily sell into supermarkets with confidence, automating manual tasks so you can focus on growing your business

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Process Foodstuffs orders with a single click

With Upstock, Foodstuffs orders automatically flow into your ordering, inventory & accounting systems. It couldn’t be simpler.
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Zero set up fees

Simple, highly affordable pricing. Custom integrations require massive upfront and ongoing costs.

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Automatic invoicing

Your invoices to Foodstuffs are automatically created and emailed after you’ve approved them.

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Compliant packing slips

Automatically generate 100% Foodstuffs compliant packing slips.

A proven tool to build, grow or expand your business.

Tens of thousands of venues are connected to Upstock • Join the largest, fastest growing marketplace

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How it works

How to connect with Xero

Connecting your Upstock account with Xero is super easy and takes less than 5 minutes
Step 1

Connect your account to Xero

In your Upstock settings, click the Integrations menu. Then click the “Connect to Xero” button, then login to your Xero account.
Step 2

Sync your products to Upstock

Click the Products menu, then click the “Import Xero products” button.
Step 3

We’ll import your contacts

Your contacts will also be imported from Xero. Contacts in Xero can be a bit messy – so we'll fix all your contacts for you, then notify you when they're all ready.
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Upstock is a game changer

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Sales & customers typically
increase 5–20%
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Daily processing typically drops from
2–3 Hours to 15 minutes
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Daily errors typically drop from
5–15% to nearly 0%
Screenshot of Upstock Wholesale Ordering Software being used

The Upstock Foodstuffs integration simplifies and streamlines the process of selling products into supermarkets. With this integration, every Foodstuffs order automatically appears in Upstock, allowing for seamless management right from the platform. Users can readily edit Foodstuffs orders straight from Upstock, enhancing efficiency and eliminating the need for swapping between separate systems.

One of the major benefits of the Foodstuffs Exchange integration is the ability to generate compliant packing slips. These are 100% Foodstuffs compliant, significantly reducing potential hiccups during the packing and delivery process. The integration also moves beyond order management to invoicing. Once a user approves Foodstuffs transactions in Upstock, invoices are automatically created and sent, eliminating manual invoicing work and accelerating the order-to-payment cycle.

The integration drastically reduces the need for training on the Foodstuffs Exchange and enables all staff to handle tasks with ease. Besides, this feature makes Upstock not only a tool for one-off tasks but a comprehensive platform that works with all customers and offers various operational advantages. Consequently, companies find the Upstock Foodstuffs integration a powerful tool for expansion into the supermarket sector while reducing costs and stress.The successful integration with Foodstuffs truly puts businesses in the best position to easily venture into supermarkets with confidence, focusing more on growing their business without worrying about the usually tedious manual tasks.


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