Spiced Cacao

Wildwood Spiced Cacao with Reishi & Lions Mane Mushroom is a blend of indulgently rich cacao and punchy spices, complemented by a creamy finish. The elevating factor is a subtle, earthy dose of high-quality mushroom extracts, trusted traditionally for millennia to naturally provide energy and wellbeing. Sparingly seasoned with organic coconut sugar – just enough to maximise the flavour of our star ingredients without stealing the show. Our products are perfect for **cafes, health food stores **and** quality gift stores** looking to add depth to their offering and delight their health conscious customers. "I have a background both as a chef and a mushroom grower, so I have designed these products to be as cafe friendly as possible, as I know how busy things can get." - Joe, Wildwood owner Our products are wrapped in beautiful home compostable packaging so they will stand out and add class to your display. Get in touch today for your free sample.