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“Now we save about two hours of ordering time every morning. If you add fixing order errors on to that it’s a lot of extra hours a week in time we’ve suddenly got back.”
Jessica Macdonald
Eighthirty Coffee
“I believe Upstock has unlimited potential when it comes to adding efficiencies to our systems”
Sarah Hedger
Yum Granola

What buyers love

Cafes, restaurants and bars love Upstock too!
"In every possible way, Upstock has made my life simpler. Instead of sending out 20 emails a day, I use the app to place just one order and I know everything will show up exactly how we ordered it."
Milly Brunel
Squirrel Cafe
"It's absolutely become software we can't do without. It feels like a gift, I definitely think it makes my life better."
Larni Wedd
Bellatinos Market

The Marketplace

The Upstock marketplace connects thousands of buyers with your brand to form new connections.
"We just had three companies invite us to trade via Upstock - wasn’t expecting that, I have to admit. New customers requiring no effort are like gold!"
Shaun Beck
Skinny Fizz
“Hey team! Just want to share some lovely news with you. The Burrow, who found us through Upstock has ordered and Foodnerd is now in Whanganui!!! 😍"
Yvonne Cheong
“I heard from a customer you were promoting my business!? That’s awesome! I got 3 new customer requests and one has already placed an order, yay ☺️"
Anabelle David
Anabelle Exquisite Dairy

Foodstuffs integration

Taking orders from Foodstuffs has never been easier.
"It's one of those things that when it's being sold to you it sounds cool. But when you actually start using it and saving time, money, effort, that's when you realise, 'Oh, Upstock is actually amazing'."
James Mobbs
Waitoa Beer
“It's seriously life changing! Even hooked up with the correct packing list too.”
Louis Picot
Pete's Natural

The sample store

Upstock's sample store allows you to offer a sample product to thousands of buyers on the platform.
"The Upstock Sample Store gives us a steady stream of warm leads. We don't have to go looking for them, instead they come looking for us!"
Guy Hobson
Native Sparkling
"Gyms weren't even on our radar, but then a bunch started ordering samples in Upstock. That's opened up a whole new, fast growing market for us."
Jamie Wilson
Plant Projects
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