Upstock + Unleashed

If you’re a supplier using Unleashed, you can integrate with Upstock to let your buyers order directly from you.

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Make ordering effortless for your customers

With Upstock, your customers place orders themselves from your up-to-date product list, straight out of Unleashed.
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Reach new customers

Upstock connects you to thousands of potential customers through our marketplace.

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Easily communicate with your customers using Upstock with comments, order statuses, order reminders & more

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Customer sync

New customers who order in Upstock are automatically added to Unleashed

How it works

The workflow

Connecting Upstock with Unleashed will streamline your workflow and make your customers lives easier:
Step 1

A customer orders from you

With Upstock, your customers will order from you directly in the app – from your up-to-date product list in Unleashed.
Step 2

You review the order

You review the order in Upstock and make any changes needed, such as adjusting quantities or adding freight charges.
Step 3

You approve the order

When you approve an order in Upstock, a sales order is automatically created in Unleashed. The prices on the order are determined by the customer’s price list.
Step 4

Fulfil the order in Unleashed

The order will automatically sync to Unleashed after you approve it. You can then fulfil the order in the normal way in Unleashed.
Step 5

Customer sees the order status

When you mark the order as completed in Unleashed, we’ll automatically notify the customer that it has been shipped.
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Setup is easy

Connecting your Upstock account with Unleashed is simple. Connecting takes seconds. Set up could take a couple hours.
Step 1

Connect to Unleashed

Once you have an Upstock account,  click the Integrations tab. Then click the orange “Connect” button and paste your Unleashed API key.
Step 2

Sync your products to Upstock

Click the ‘Products’ tab in Upstock, then press the blue “Import Unleashed products” button & choose the products you’d like to import.
Step 3

Set up price lists

Control which prices & products customers see with Upstock’s Price Lists feature.
Step 4

We’ll import your contacts

We’ll start the process of importing your Unleashed contacts into Upstock. This usually only takes 1 business day depending on the size of your list.
Step 5

All done!

You’re ready to start recieving orders from your customers directly in Upstock. Let your current customers know you’re ready to go!
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