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Connect Upstock to Xero, Foodstuffs, or Unleashed to automate all of your ordering.
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Get discovered.

Your online showcase to gain new stockists.

Showcase your brand and your unique products to over 7000+ buyers on Upstock. By upgrading to the Marketplace Plan, we’ll add your brand to the featured section of the supplier directory.

Native Hard Sparkling showcases their distinctive beverage on Upstock.This has led to significant customer growth for Native.

Get a login to Upstock.

Deliver the best customer experience.

On the Marketplace Plan, you’ll be able to view your orders in the Upstock app. That means you can do things like:

✓  See all your Upstock orders in one place
✓  Reply to comments easily
✓  Mark orders as approved & shipped
✓  Easily update your profile & product list

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Feature in the Upstock
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Every month we feature suppliers on our Marketplace Plan in our email marketing to the buyers on Upstock.

These are customers who have likely never tried your products before, and are looking for new products to stock.

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"We just had three companies invite us to trade via Upstock - wasn’t expecting that, I have to admit. New customers requiring no effort are like gold!"

Shawn Beck, founder of Skinny Fizz
Shawn Beck
Founder, Skinny Fizz

"Upstock is connecting us with new wholesale customers. It has unlimited potential when it comes to adding efficiencies to our systems."

Sarah Hedger, founder of Yum Granola
Sarah Hedger
Founder, Yum Granola

Introducing price lists.

Ultimate pricing control.

Live catalogues
Custom pricing
Unlimited price lists
Editing the discount within a price list – you can edit by % or $ values, bulk edit prices, as well as hide or show products.

Unlimited price lists.

Tailored to each of your customers.

Create flexible online catalogues, tailored to each of your customers – with custom pricing, discounts and a unique selection of products.

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Upstock showing custom price lists

Automatic invoicing.

Works like magic.

When a customer places an order, all you have to do is approve it. The invoice is automatically generated and sent without having to lift a finger.

Upstock integrates with Xero accounting software to automatically generate and send invoices for every order you receive

Streamline production.

Pick lists, packing slips, freight & delivery.

Every step of the process is designed to be so simple & smart that anybody on your team can easily do it. Plus, it's easy for managers to login and see everything is running smoothly.

Packing slip with a QR code for the customer to view their order online

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Upstock saves suppliers time & money

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New stockists typically
Increases 5–20%
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Processing times typically drop from
2–3 Hours to 15 minutes
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Daily errors typically drop from
5–15% to nearly 0%
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Update products instantly

Add, change or remove any product and all your buyers are updated instantly

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Integrates with Xero

Automatically attach and link invoices from Xero to all your orders

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In-app messaging

Send & receive messages with any order, so everyone can see what was discussed

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Works on all devices

Securely available anytime, anywhere and it’s always backed up

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Team access

Give people on your team easy access to manage or view orders

History icon

Complete order history

See all the details of every order you’ve ever made on Upstock

Coffee roasters use Upstock for wholesale ordering

Coffee roasters

Upstock is ideal for coffee roasters and franchises. Mojo Coffee supplies beans and fresh baked goods to all their outlets using Upstock. With Upstock, head office monitors and controls what each outlet is ordering, streamlining their end-to-end supply chain operation. Order from Good Fortune, Coffee Lab, Coffee Partners, Pomeroy's, Crossbow and others.

Soft drinks makers use Upstock for wholesale ordering

Soft drinks & juices

For producers like Six Barrel Soda and Foxton Fizz Upstock lets them quickly dispatch their daily orders, including orders going through 3PL providers, for faster and more accurate distribution. Order from Chia Sisters, Redeem, Hakanoa, No Ugly and many others

Wine, beer, and liquor producers use Upstock for wholesale ordering

Wine, beer & liquor

When ordering alcohol it's critical that buyers specify the exact vintage or brew, as well as the right unit size – otherwise it causes expensive and wasteful errors, not to mention frustrated customers. With Upstock, orders are always specific and highly accurate. Order from Native Sparkling, Garage Project, Regional Wines & Spirits, Negociants and many others on Upstock.

Bakeries use Upstock for wholesale ordering


Bakeries are around the clock operations, with precise lead times, and perishable goods that need to be delivered fresh from the oven. That's why bakeries like Pandoro, Dough Bakery, Zaida and others depend on Upstock to make sure they're getting orders quickly and accurately.

Dry goods makers use Upstock for wholesale ordering

Dry goods

Everything from pasta to museli, spices, nuts, chips and sweets available from amazing producers like Bongusto, Yum, Proper Crisps, Tio Pablo, and others.

Meat and veg producers use Upstock for wholesale ordering

Meat & veg

Getting fresh goods delivered fresh means processing orders quickly, that's why Bostock, Shoots Microgreens, Carve, Capital Produce, L'Authentique, Capital Eggs, and others depend on Upstock to keep things fresh.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a setup fee?

No, setup is FREE.

You can even list all your products and receive orders on Upstock for FREE

If you choose to use Upstock for managing orders, it costs $1 per order (or less, with volume discounts).

What do paying customers get?

Upstock simplifies your operation – track orders in one place, realtime catalogues and price lists, automatically generate packing slips and invoices, optimise production and sales – and so much more.

It only costs $1/order. There's a $30 monthly minimum which gives you 30 orders/month.

Will my customers be charged to place an order with me?

No, customers aren't charged to place orders – we don’t want there to be any barriers for your customers placing orders.

I already have a wholesale ordering portal – how is this better?

Upstock brings the buyers to you – it's a marketplace filled with buyers looking to place wholesale orders. Also, it's a major problem for buyers to login into 20 different websites, that all work differently – if they can avoid that and just use Upstock they will. You can also do both, so why limit your business?

If all my competitors are also on Upstock, isn't it risky my customers will switch?

All your competitors are also on Google, Facebook, Instagram. Like all places, you compete on brand, product quality and customer service.

Upstock helps you showcase your brand and deliver much better customer service.

Will this make it easy for buyers to price compare – driving down my prices?

No, customers can't use Upstock to price compare. As a a supplier, you can choose if you want to display pricing to customers or not.

Get added to the Upstock directory for free!

Sell for free – upgrade to manage orders for only

$1 per order

$30 monthly minimum

Start selling for free